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    Extensive research has proven that people really do judge a book by its cover.  Therefore, to some degree, one of the most important aspects of your book is its cover design – because if you do not have that right, people may not even pick up your book to look at the content!

We recognize this at Adir Press and have therefore have endeavored to employ the most talented, creative and experienced graphic artists around.  Working closely with the author, and after an initial investigation of the style and colors that the author likes and doesn’t like, our talented team get to work on producing a stunning design – often giving several options for the author to choose from.  Using their own creative imaginations, the graphics team will often suggest different concepts that the author may not have thought of while still keeping within the framework of the author’s style that he likes in order to best portray the theme of the book while creating an eye catching cover design that is bound to be picked up in the store.

Here is a look at the process of selection for Rabbi Moshe Kormornick’s book “Short Vort” which was the joint work of three different graphic artists each making their suggestions based on the author’s suggested design.  The difficulty in this design was the author’s desire to show that the book contains several different topics (Parsha, Yom Tov and Special Occasions like Bris Milah, Sheva Brachos, Bar Mitzvah etc.) and showing that they all stem from the Torah.  Initially, the author wanted these topics flying from the scroll, but in the end, the author rejected this concept and working with the graphic artist, focused on a new concept which brought out exactly what the author wanted while keeping the book cover simple but at the same time, stunning (shown in the middle):


 Final Book Cover



The following book cover design is for Aharon Bitton’s Pesach Haggadah.  The author had no preconceptions of what he wanted, apart from an attractive design that featured the Seder Plate according the Syrian custom.  One artist was involved in this design and this was the very first sample that he made.  Aharon was happy straight away and a few hours later, he had a beautiful Book Cover for his Haggadah.




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