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Journey Through Nach, 2 volume set

Navigating Nach with Insights and Perek Summaries

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by Rabbi Daniel Fine Chaim Golker

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This thoroughly researched work allows the reader to familiarize himself with major events, characters and themes of Nach. Spanning from the entry into Eretz Yisrael with Yehoshua, all the way to prophetic visions of the Messianic era and the Third Temple, and filled with background information and flowing summaries of every perek of the Nevi'im and Kesuvim, this work can help any reader master Nach through the eyes of our Sages. 

Journey Through Nach features the following:

  • Chapter summaries on every chapter in Nach, with insights of commentaries interwoven throughout
  • Over 100 divrei Torah on themes and concepts of Nach
  • Charts, Maps, Timelines, and a reference to every Haftarah
  • A selection of comprehensive essays explaining some of the more misunderstood areas in Nach including: Witchcraft, King Shaul's suicide, hereditary punishment, predicting Moshiach's arrival, free will, and King David's marriage with Batsheva.

Includes endorsements by leading rabbinic authorities and a foreword by Rabbi Zev Leff.

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