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HaRav Moshe Sternbuch shlit"a  - "Rav Moshe Sternbuch on the Parashah"

For Hashem is the world and everything therein,

With friendship and appreciation to the wonderful Rav Moshe Shlomo Chaim Kormornick '"נ

Who with wisdom and understanding merited to publish this sefer in glory and splendor

Fortunate is his portion

May Hashem give him more strength and courage to increase Torah and beautify it

To spread the word of Hashem and to sanctify the Name of Heaven.

With ברכה הצלחה וכל טוב

I yearn with expectation for great Heavenly mercy

Moshe Sternbuch


Binyomin Prys - "Rav Moshe Sternbuch on the Parashah"


Rabbi Kormornick is very talented, motivated and dedicated to his authors. He also has a lot of patience. For example, he went out of his way to find a proofreader/editor who suited my specific requirements. His enthusiasm is infectious.

In addition, due to his great respect and reverence for HaGaon HaRav Sternbuch shlita, he went far beyond the call of duty by spending countless hours reviewing all the material in this very large book. Rav Sternbuch also expressed his gratitude to Rabbi Kormornick for all his efforts.

Despite his professionalism he works leshem shomayim and for that reason I am sure that be”H Adir Press will continue to grow. I highly recommend his services and any author fortunate enough to avail himself of them will understand why people are so effusive in their testimonials!

Binyomin Prys

Rabbi Avi Lieberman - "Purim - Now and Forever"

 Writing has always been a way for me to try and inspire others through Torah inspiration. Yet even with the awareness of its potency there remained a limit as to how much I myself could accomplish. Then one day my good friend Rabbi Moshe Kormornick pulled me aside at a simcha and expressed, “What you’ve done so far is amazing, but why not reach more people? Why not write for Klal Yisroel?” His message struck a cord and thus began our daily contact and journey to bring a new sefer to light. There are people who write much better and perhaps possess even greater lessons than I could hope to give over, but the distance from their talents to the printers is greater than one could ever imagine! Reb Moshe not only guided me through the process, but remained attuned to bringing out the best in my own capabilities as a writer. The experience was humbling as each aspect was guided with the desire to present the reader with the best I have to offer. . . to release a work that could benefit as many as possible.

                I thank Reb Moshe and his team for all they did to bring my dream into fruition. Pressure and patience, creating and erasing, even days of hard work before nixing was never a contradiction when the goal is inspiration.  Adir Press is the address for all potential writers to reach their goal and see where your abilities can take you. I thank Hashem for the doors opened before me by sending Reb Moshe in my direction. May he merit to go forward with his holy work and only see hatzlacha with all he sets out to accomplish.

Avi Lieberman,



Rabbi Eli Scheller - A Minute Vort 3

Working with R' Kormornick one can rest assured knowing that his sefer will come out looking beautiful. His ability to design a page layout suitable for the content is legendary. His creativity with visual content is breathtaking.

In general, he is a man who under promises and over delivers.

If you are looking to publish a professional high quality sefer and have someone guide you through every step of the process contact R' Kormornick at Adir press today.


Rabbi Eli Scheller


Rabbi Pesach Siegel - Sparks of the Sedrah

“Sparks of the Sedrah” was not my first introduction to the warm embrace of Rabbi Moshe Kormornick.  He and his mishpacha are treasured neighbors and we share a family connection. I have truly enjoyed the moments I have been zoche to spend with R’ Moshe.

R’ Moshe’s kind and giving nature is a source of chizuk and inspiration. He goes “outside of himself” to see the potential in others and is quite adept at bringing forth the potential that he discovers.

That is why I chose Adir Press to care, nurture, and produce my work.

I mentioned to R’ Moshe that I had never done this before and asked, “Would you be kind enough to guide me through the process?” Over the past year and a half he was more than “kind enough”. He graciously gave of his time and patiently mapped out the various steps. Thus, I had a clear picture of what would otherwise be a very confusing process.

I was surprised by the attention to detail in the pursuit of excellence, not just excellence, but as close to perfection as possible. The manuscript travelled back and forth (and back and forth) each time being refined, checked over, and refined again. I greatly appreciate being given the opportunity to review and express my views on the changes and enhancements that were made to the original manuscript.

Interacting with the skillful and professional staff was a pleasure and a learning experience. Rabbi Maier S. Schreiber is both a talmid chochom and a masterful editor.  This combination was crucial to producing a work that is organized, clear, and readable.  He accomplished the seemingly impossible task of creating a work which is almost unrecognizable from the original manuscript while still preserving the “vort” of the author!

I was filled with a sense of wonder as I witnessed over time that R’ Moshe’s belief in the project surpassed even my own.

When, at last, I held a copy of the finished work in my hands, I was taken by its sheer beauty, inside and out.

I have a lot to be grateful for.

Pesach Siegel

Rabbi Yechezkel Norman - Gemara Steps And Structure

What will make "Gemara Steps and Structure" a best seller bs"d, is Moishe Kormornick and his Adir Press staff.

Moshe said to me that we are going to make this book unique in its essence and presentation. He indeed did so.

People are commenting to me how the book looks so beautiful and attractive. The outside cover and the contents.

I feel proud to show it around to people and not uneasy or apologetic.

He believed in my book, took personal interest in it and put all of his professional experience to handcraft it into a masterpiece. 

Since I was a novice, and unaware of all the many stages, details and intricacies required, Moishe took the time to explain it all to me step by step. He required extra patience with my book as it is a blend of Hebrew and English, with many charts and diagrams. He accepted my many corrections throughout the process without complaint and guided all the way. I am grateful to him for this.   

I'm sure all aspiring writers and authors are looking for a publisher to give them the time of day and feel personal care and security, and to discuss the various options how to print his book. He is very trustworthy and wants the very best for you. 

I enjoyed the relationship and I have gained a new friend.

Next book? Adir Press!!

With much appreciation and friendship,

Yechezkel Norman

Rabbi Daniel Braude - Learn Shabbos in just 3 minutes a day

Having just released “Learn Shabbos…in just 3 minutes a day”, I have seen that the advice provided by Rabbi Moshe Kormonick is invaluable. To create a quality product, requires patience and professionalism – and that is to be found with Adir Press.

One needs a focused manager, especially when writing Halocha. The attention to detail shown by the Adir Press team, both in content and design, was crucial. In addition, they understood the needs of the readership and adapted accordingly.

Adir Press has a team that provides an all-round service. They are able to take raw content and develop it, into an exciting and user-friendly book. So many buyers have commented about the easy layout and handy index.

Rabbi Kormonick also was very accommodating towards the needs of our sponsors, who at times, required specific and personal dedications.

I want to thank Adir Press for all they have done, and wish you abundant success and blessing in helping Klal Yisroel and sanctifying Hashem’s name.

Rabbi Daniel Braude


Rabbi Dovid Kaplan (international lecturer and best-selling author) - "Fundamentals of Public Speaking" 

From the very first contact I had with R' Moshe Kormornick I knew this was someone I could and would work with.

His erlichkeit and mentchlichkeit come through tangibly and are matched by his efficiency and professionalism. 

I certainly plan on turning to him with future publications and I highly recommend the same for anyone who would like to publish - especially someone trying to break in to this highly competitive market.

R'Moshe's sense of if,what and how, is keenly devoloped, making him the ideal address for those wishing to write and publish.

Kol Habrachos

Dovid Kaplan

Rabbi Moshe Zeldman - "Why Listen To The Rabbis?"


I worked with Moishe Kormornick and Adir Press for the publication of my first sefer. It was a great experience: smooth, on time, efficient, and a great finished product.

I really felt that Moishe was my partner in helping me bring my work to fruition, and it was clear that I was working with someone that that's as yashar as he is professional.

I highly recommend his services. 

Moshe Zeldman



Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld - "Pocket Halacha Series"

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rabbi Moshe Kormornick Shlit'a of Adir Press for making The Pocket Halacha Series - Published by Adir Press into what it is today. It only started as a small booklet to be sold in a few shuls and yeshivos, and with R' Moshe's vision, it became a worldwide professional publication. The hours that R' Moshe put into this project, simply because he believed in it, and saw the potential for its success is to be admired. Advice on anything from the editing, typesetting, distribution and even how to market the set was something R’ Moshe took in his stride, and with his calm self, made the rough process of publishing an easy walk. 

Publishing a book can be difficult, this was even more so since it was like making 8 books at the same time, but yet, any time of the day or night, R’ Moshe made himself available for this project. 

I owe him and Adir Press a tremendous amount of Hakaros Hatov, and wish to acknowledge that without them, The Pocket Halacha Series would never have happened.

I wish him much success in all that he does, and highly recommend anyone that wishes to produce high quality work to first turn to R’ Moshe and his talented crew, and I am sure they’ll be satisfied from the professionalism that is offered by his services.



Avi Wiesenfeld

Rabbi Zevi Trenk - "Magic, Mysteries & Mysticism"

It seems superfluous to explain the difference between publishing a book with an ordinary publisher, who is looking for a business opportunity, and a publisher who is a tremendous mentch, and whose main desire is to spread Torah. Through working with R’ Moshe, over these past months, I have had a close friend and excellent advisor, whose chief focus was “our” book, not merely “my” book. I am also grateful with his approach to money: Adir Press was very flexible in this regard, and monetary matters were something that would eventually be taken care of when convenient for me. Additionally, his amazing enthusiasm and patience is something that I appreciated throughout this time.

(I must also admit that at times I had initially disagreed with him, however, fortunately I followed his advice and was eventually proven wrong.)

The Adir team was exceptional, as well. Rabbi Maeir Schreiber, is a brilliant editor, whose keen eye noticed and improved every sentence of the book.  The proofreader as well, painstakingly improved on the entire manuscript from beginning to end. The typesetter did a supreme job, and the graphic artist’s work is simply breathtaking.

Thank you so much to all of you for such a beautiful book, inside and out! I can't recommend Adir Press enough.

Thank you.

Zevi Trenk



Rabbi Yonatan Nacson - "Laws Of The Holidays"

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Moishe Kormornick on the outstanding job that he did in publishing my sefer.

He took the work and effort that I expended into account and treated the book as if he would his own. His honesty, patience and business ethic has also been a pleasure to experience and witness firsthand. I am sure that Adir Press will be known among the great publishers of our time.

I can honestly attest that Moishe has a thirst and yearning to be marbitz Torah for the sake of Hashem, and he does so with happiness and pleasure. As much as he is a very calm and relaxed personality, he is also very serious about his work and will not settle for anything less than a perfect product.

Being part of Adir Press’s authors is a privilege, a zechut and pleasure. I hope to work with him in my coming books as well, and wish him much hatzlachah and berachah in everything that he decides to pursue.

Yonatan Nacson

Author of "Laws of the Holidays and

 “A Summary of the Laws of Niddah”

Rabbi Yonatan Nacson - "A Summary of the Laws of Nidda" (For Sephardim)

Adir Press has done it again! I would like to express my thanks and satisfaction to Rabbi Moishe Kormornick and all of those working for Adir Press for their timely, professional and beautiful work on my second publication with them.

They are not only easy to work with but they are also accommodating. Reb Moishe goes out of his way to let the author have his book published without impeding on the author’s imagination and style of the way that he wants his book to turn out, all while maintaining the books professionalism and quality.

For the second time, it was simply a pleasure working with Adir Press and I hope to continue working with them in my coming publications.

A big Chazak U’Baruch!

Yonatan Nacson

Author of “Laws of the Holidays” and

 “A Summary of the Laws of Niddah”


Malky Pearlstein - "Between The Lines"

The book looks incredible!

There are no words to express my hakoras hatov to Rabbi Kormornick and the Adir Press team for taking my dream and turning it into a reality. Rabbi Kormornick has gone above and beyond the call of duty. The dedication he has to his authors is something remarkable. From the start of this project Rabbi Kormornick has been committed to making this the best it could possibly be and the results are clearly evident.

The editing was done in such a sensitive and considerate way so that when I look at the finished product I still feel that every word there was mine. The enthusiasm the entire team felt for this project was clear through their meticulous and thoughtful editing, as well as their immaculate typesetting and graphic design.

Adir Press took my raw manuscript and created a masterpiece of which I can be proud!

Words cannot express my thanks!

Malky Pearlstein

Rabbi Dov Ber Weisman - Yom Tov Inspiration

A huge thank you to Rabbi Moishe Kormornick and his team who have once again done a tremendous and professional job in publishing my new Sefer on Moadim.

I personally feel a debt of gratitude for his continual input and sagely advise. For me, he has gone from Publisher to a friend and confident with whom I can exchange ideas and insights.

Rabbi Kormornick, with his combination of patience, alacrity, and erlichkite, has made this project an inspiration for me to B'H publish more seforim.

May HaKodesh Baruch Hu continue to bless the work of his hands to be marbitz Torah

Dov Ber Weisman

Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit - Opening The Gates Of Teshuva


I must say that it has been a very fruitful experience releasing my sefer Opening the Gates of Teshuva with Adir Press. Rabbi Kormornick has a big zchus in this sefer as his belief in its value and his subsequent encouragement motivated me to persevere with its publication. His "bedside manner" to make sure deadlines are met was very gracious but business-like as well. A perfect combination to get the work done.

I was also very impressed with Rabbi Schreiber, the editor at Adir Press who worked on my sefer. It was clear that not only is he a talent in the written expression, but he is also a serious Talmid Chochom whose Torah knowledge and insights were invaluable in ensuring that the grave responsibility of correctly representing and maintaining faithfulness to this work of the great Rishon such as Rabbeinu Yonah occurred.

I have received countless comments on the beauty of the cover and the graphic layout and formatting. I'm fairly confident that this has had a significant on the sales of the sefer.


Asher Baruch Wegrbreit



Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Benarrosh - "Healing Anger" 
I would like to thank Rabbi Moshe Kormornick and the entire dedicated staff of Adir Press for all the support and help to make my project a reality.
Publishing a book can be difficult, it takes a lot of work and effort. Rabbi Moishe Kormornick and his team did a tremendous and professional job in publishing my new Sefer, Healing Anger.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone writing and wanting to publish a book.
May Hashem bless him and Adir Press with lots of bracha and hatzlacha!
Yitzchak Benarrosh

Mrs. Toby Walzer - From Storm to Serenity

Dear Rabbi Kormornick

Thank you for your incredible input into bringing my book into reality. You were the first publisher I approached and from the first time we spoke, I felt you were the right shliach from Hakodesh Boruchu and so I looked no further.

I must state that your professionalism together with your meticulousness brought my writings to a much higher level in many ways. You were always quick to respond and it was so easy working with you and your wonderful team. I would certainly recommend you to anyone writing and wanting to publish a book.

I wish you continued success in you avodos hakodesh.

Mrs Toby Walzer

Rabbi Yaakov Schwalbe

Rabbi Moishe Kormornick combines professionalism, experience and his sterling middos to provide an exceptional service.

His advice in producing my kuntras proved invaluable.

I highly recommend his services.

Yaakov Schwalbe



Rabbi Aryeh Bruekheimer - Al Harishonim: Shabbos & Moadim

It was truly a great experience publishing my sefer with Adir Press. Rabbi Moishe Kormornick operates like a true friend helping and advising at every step of the way, and makes the process run as quickly and as smoothly as possible. His team of editors gave insightful comments and their wonderful editing work greatly enhanced and perfected my sefer. The graphic designer did an excellent job and raised the quality and the beauty of the sefer.

 And even with all their hard work, my sefer was printed within five months of signing the contract!

I feel that it is due to Rabbi Kormornick’s altruistic intent to be marbitz Torah and his sincerely personifying a ben Torah that is making his company grow so successfully. 


Aryeh Bruekheimer



Rabbi Mordechai Appel - Derachim BeParsha

I hope that this brief testimonial does justice...

To Rabbi Moishe Kormornick and his entire dedicated staff: 
Thank you for doing such an outstanding job on my sefer, DERACHIM BEPARSHA. In a very short time, you helped me transform weekly emails into a beautiful finished product, both inside and out.

Your professionalism and your publishing know-how was readily apparent and appreciated. From the typesetting, interior design and page layout, to the attractive and appealing book cover, you really did a beautiful job through and through. 

I also appreciated your non-laid back attitude, balanced with not being pushy at the very same time. You are a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend you to anyone that is looking to publish a book or sefer.
Mordechai Appel

Yehuda (Leon) Beda - Mafte'ach LaTorah
My name is Leon Beda. Originally, I did not start out to write a book, but as my writings (novel ideas on the Torah) accumulated it seemed like the obvious thing to do. At first i began sending out emails on my writings, however the recipients would not be able to read them on Shabbat. Since the subject matter was on the Torah I thought it best to put them in a book that could be used 7 days a week.

Not knowing where to turn I began looking in Jewish bookstores for a publisher. One book in particular caught my eye and I decided to contact the publisher. That publisher was none other than Moishe Kormornick of Adir Press. Moishe has been a pleasure to work with from the beginning all the way to the printing phase. His input has been constructive and encouraging. His patience and thoughtful advice have been well appreciated. Above all his enthusiasm and attention to detail has made this project worthwhile and rewarding.

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but in my case Adir Press made such a beautiful cover that the saying does not apply.   The cover totally captures the content of the book.

Again I want to thank Adir Press for their excellent work and i strongly recommend their expertise to anyone who wants to have their book published in a first rate manner.

Leon Beda,
author of "Mafteach Latorah"

Rabbi Moshe Krieger - Gedolei Yisroel on The Parasha


With tremendous gratitude and hakaras hatov to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, I am most pleased to recommend the services of Rabbi Moshe Kormornick and Adir Press.  From my initial communication with him, Rabbi Kormornick treated my first sefer as if it was a project of great importance to the Jewish world at large.  

Although I had already invested in my own editor, Rabbi Kormornick, in his wisdom and desire to make my book as good as it could possibly be, assigned his own top editor who added immeasurably to our project.  He worked closely and sensitively with me through the entire process, from contract to content to cover design.

Everyone who has seen the book has been deeply impressed by its great perfection and beauty.

Any serious Jewish author would be very fortunate to involved with Rabbi Kormornick.  May Hashem bless him and Adir Press with great volumes of bracha and hatzlacha!

Rabbi Moshe Krieger



Tishrei 5777


Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt - Why Bad Things Don't Happen to Good People 

Moishe was easy to work with and always helpful and available. The book was published quickly and efficiently and the price was reasonable.

In my mind it was a bonus, and a big one, that he also had a lot of great insights into the content of the book itself and how to put my message across to my audience most effectively.


Shaul Rosenblatt




Rabbi Menachem Shimmel - "Seder HaRibbis"

I have dedicated many years to completing my latest seforim on Hilchos Ribbis and it was crucial for me that the publishing process went smoothly. This is my fourth book so I know about how things work, and so, when I met Rav Moshe Kormornick of Adir Press, I could see that he was going to take great care of the production and be there for me to answer my questions, and help me make decisions. I especially was intent on having it look very attractive and arranging strong distribution.

I also shopped around in terms of pricing and found Adir Press significantly cheaper than everywhere else I looked.

I can honestly say that Adir Press fulfilled and even excelled all my wishes! I was in contact almost every day with Rav Moshe as he guided and advised me on the decision-making process.

The printing process was beyond what I could imagine. I thought that printing 500 two-volume box sets would be an arduous process taking a long time, yet I received my books very quickly! And in terms of the quality, I am amazed how beautiful everything came out — from the quality of paper to the beautiful cover, I did not imagine how choshuv the seforim would look!

Finally, Adir Press arranged distribution for me, with very attractive advertising possibilities, and I am excited to be getting my book out to the public.

Thank you Adir Press for producing such a beautiful looking book, and especially thank you to Rav Moshe for his support throughout. Based on price, professionalism, and personal support I cannot recommend them enough!

מנחם שימל





Rav Gedalya Finkel shlit"a - "Pathways of Mussar"


I must say that Harav Moshe Komornick of Adir Press did a remarkable job in putting out this sefer. 

I was very pleased with his ambition, his insights and how he really gets things done. To laud about his middos tovos is an understatement.

I highly recommend him for anybody who wants things to get things done and done professionally.


Reb Moshe, aleh vehatzlach!

Gedalya Finkel  



Chaim Golker - "Journey Through Nach"

As a newcomer to the Publishing industry and authoring my first book, Moshe Kormornick guided me through all the ins and outs of the complexities of the Publishing world.

The most remarkable thing about working with Moshe is his infectious enthusiasm and the way he treats each and every project he is a part of as his own. He invests dozens of un-contracted hours to ensure each project he takes on meets his high standards of quality.

Producing the 2-volume box set- ‘Journey through Nach’ was a mammoth task for all involved, but Moshe’s level-headedness and professionalism made it possible. Equally, I was impressed by the expertise of all the staff at Adir Press ranging from editors, proof-readers, typesetters and front-cover artists; each did their job meticulously and to the highest standard.

‘Journey through Nach’ has been exceptionally well received and its’ success surpassed our expectations. This is largely down to the exceptional work of Moshe and his team at Adir Press. I am so grateful to each and every individual who invested so much time and effort into our books!

I would like to wish Moshe much Hatzlocha in all his future endeavours and may Adir Press continue to produce high level Sifrei Kodesh. I would definitely recommend any prospective author to use the services of Adir Press.

Chaim Golker

Boruch Sirisky - "Noa's Strength"

Moishe Kormornick possesses that rare quality of being able to live up to the maxim of Shammai the Elder: “Say little and do much” (Pirke Avos 1:16).  I have known this to be true in the various contexts in which I have worked with him.  While learning together with him in the same kollel in Yerushalayim, I was impressed by his ability to sit and concentrate on a long Tosefos, line by line, reserving comments for when he had something constructive to add to the discussion.  As part of the more personal relationships that naturally arise from joint Torah learning, I have always found him to be a friend with a listening ear, a storehouse of creative ideas, and above all a bastion of devotion to a fellow Jew.  It was for these reasons, in addition to the fact that he impressed me as a talented master of the English language and a tireless worker, that I asked him to edit the book that I wrote about my late wife.  I handed him a manuscript two to three times too long to be realistically publishable, and he, together with his wife Yehudis, was able to make the work “say” far more little and “do” far more.

Their time, dedication and concern for every aspect of the project was exceptionally impressive and very comforting to me, having never written a book before. Moishe was always on the other end of the phone, guiding me with patience and going above and beyond what was required of him. He also coordinated everything with Mosaica Press so that as far as I was concerned, everything ran smoothly the whole way through. And thankfully, almost as soon as the finished product hit the stores, it pretty much sold out. And that is all thanks to Moishe and his wife for taking 150,000 words of thoughts, Torah, stories and randomness, and making it into a wonderful 85,000 word book – perfect for what it was written to do: Inspire people by learning about my first wife's fight for life.

And I owe it all to Moishe. I can truly say that this book would not have been published without his work and dedication, let alone a great success,

Therefore, without a doubt I recommend Moishe and his team at Adir Press, and am confident that anyone who wants to have their work published in a professional and attractive manner will be very happy at Adir Press.

I am happy to be reached directly to discuss what I experienced and to recommend Adir Press personally to you.



Boruch Sirisky


 Rabbi Yonasan Arenias - "Journey of Faith"

Rabbi Moshe Kormornick of Adir Press gave me a lot of time and attention from our very first conversation, and my impression throughout the process was that he wanted to do his maximum to help me. Since my book was a revised edition, I only needed help with distribution and printing, so while I cannot comment on his other services, like editing and typesetting, he did give very helpful advice on distribution. 

For the printing I was particular that it should be really good – inside and out. He took special care to select the best quality printer he could find and I am truly pleased with the result. 

Everyone says the book looks great! Thank you!

Yonasan Arenian


Y. Kormornick -

"Chanukah Back In Time"



No words can express my appreciation!

Everything’s perfect!

Thank you.


Aharon Bitton - "Nishmat Sarah Pesach Haggadah"

I am personally very grateful to Hashem for allowing me to have met R’Moshe Kormornick and his team at Adir Press.

I would also like to express my gratitude to R’Moshe for his extremely dedicated work that he put into editing and producing the “Nishmat Sarah Haggadah” for the Sephardic community of Montreal, Canada.

I can proudly say that he performed a job of ‘true excellence’ on every aspect of the book and at every step of the way!  He is not only an editor, but was also my writing coach and advisor throughout the entire project.

From editing to typesetting, and from proofreading to the book’s cover design, Adir Press is a 5 star choice which comes highly recommended on behalf of me and the entire Sephardic community of Montreal, Canada.

I would also like to highlight a crucial part that R’Moshe played in my project; which was, not only is he a professional in his field, but he also throws himself 100% into each and every project that he is involved with – diving in with all his heart.  I believe that this itself is a crucial difference that R’Moshe and the entire Adir Press team possesses over anyone else.

I strongly advise and recommend Adir Press as your choice to produce your book – from start to finish they were incredible!

For further information, I am happy to speak to you directly to highly recommend R'Moshe and Adir Press

Aharon Moshe Bitton



Rabbi Shmuel Wittow -"The Forty-Eight Ways To Acquire Torah"

I found working with Rabbi Moshe Kormornick and his team at Adir Press on my most recent sefer ‘The Forty-Eight Ways to Acquire Torah’ a refreshing experience.

R’ Moshe went out of his way to ensure that the sefer was published in the most professional way possible.

One example of R’ Moshe’s dedication to my project was that he personally proofread the sefer in order to meet our Pesach deadline so as not to burden his proofreader by asking her to work at such a busy and pressured time of the year. (Bear in mind that he only received the final manuscript 2 weeks before Pesach!!)

In addition, the entire Adir Press staff were extremely professional in all aspects — from the cover design to the interior layout — the final product speaks for itself!

I am delighted to recommend Adir Press to any author who wants a dedicated team to care for their book as if it was there own, every step of the way.


Shmuel Wittow

Rabbi Yehonasan Gefen - "The Guiding Light 2"

I merited to know Rabbi Moishe Kormornick for many years before we worked together on my book – The Guiding Light 2.  I was already aware of many of his wonderful character traits and Yiras Shamayim.  Yet my respect for him took on new levels after publication of the book.  I was fortunate that Rabbi Moishe himself took on the task of editing my book and I was extremely happy with his work – it was very thorough and reflected his own significant knowledge of Torah and Hashkafa. His suggestions greatly enhanced the quality and depth of my writing.

Other traits that I was already familiar with was were his reliability and consistency – from past experience with other books I recognize that this is not always the case with busy publishers and editors.  Yet Rabbi Moishe always gave me the impression that he would reach the deadlines he had set and indeed he always succeeded.

And I could not help be positively affected by his enthusiasm at the success of this project – another key aspect in the book industry.

 I was also very happy with every other member of the Adir Press Team – the excellent proofreading, graphic design and typesetting serve to demonstrate that Adir Press is professional organization that can rival the best publishers. 

I strongly recommend any prospective author to work with Adir Press.

Yehonasan Gefen


Rabbi Moshe Kormornick - "Short Vort"

Obviously it is unfair to write a testimonial about my own publishing company.  So instead, I will take the opportunity to thank my wonderful staff at Adir Press for their dedication and hard work - going above and beyond to make this project a great success.  The editing, typesetting, cover design, proof reading and printing teams all worked in perfect harmony to produce an attractive, professional book, and I would like to thank all of you for doing such a great job. 

It is such a pleasure to work with people who love what they do.  They are not just here to collect the paycheck at the end of the month, they are trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated people who want to produce the best possible book.  They work tirelessly to make sure that everything is right, and take great pride in everything that they do.  They are such a wonderful team – a real pleasure to work with!

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With experts in each of these areas, at Adir Press we provide top quality work at every stage!

As writers ourselves, we know how important it is for you to be “kept in the know” about what is going on; as such, we will consult with you at every critical stage for your approval and work very closely with you to make you a full partner in your book's publication.

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Latest Releases

Latest Releases in connection with Adir Press

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Reflections  Chanukah: Back in Time The Forty-Eight Ways to Acquire Torah
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re-write/editing only

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Seder HaRibbis

The Pocket Halacha Series


The Pocket Halacha Series

Berachos: Ikkar v'Tofel

The Pocket Halacha Series

Berachos: Shinui Makom

The Pocket Halacha Series

Chol Hamoed

The Pocket Halacha Series

Sitting in the Succah

The Pocket Halacha Series


The Pocket Halacha Series

Tzedakah & Maaser

The Passover Haggadah

עת ללדת

Journey of Faith

Personalised Simcha Bentcher Derachim BeParsha
Mafte'ach LaTorah Gedolei Yisroel on the Parashah Why Bad Things Don't Happen to Good People


Rabbi Aryeh Bruekheimer

Kuntres Zichron Kedoshim

Rabbi Yaakov Schwalbe

Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Rabbi Dovid Kaplan



V'Tzarich Iyun

Rabbi Boruch Siris

From Storm to Serenity

Toby Walzer

Laws of the Holidays

Rabbi Yonatan Nacson

Yom Tov Inspiration

Rabbi Dov Ber Weisman

Between the Lines

Malky Pearlstein

Opening The Gates Of Teshuva

Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit

Healing Anger

Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Benarrosh

Rabbi Mordechai Zevi Trenk

Rav Moshe Sternbuch

On The Parashah

HaRav Moshe Sternbuch shlita

Gemara Steps And Structure

Rabbi Yechezkel Norman

A Summary of the Laws of Nidda (for Sefardim)

Rabbi Yonatan Nacson

Why Listen To The Rabbis?


Rabbi Moshe Zeldman

A Minute Vort 3

Rabbi Eli Scheller


- in just 3 minutes a day -

Rabbi Daniel Braude

Sparks of the Sedrah

Rabbi Pesach Siegel


My Wife, My Queen

Rabbi Dovid Kaplan

Purim, Now and Forever

Rabbi Avi Lieberman


Books Coming Out Really Soon:


Runaway Words 

Yehudis Kormornick



Hashem's Wonderful World

Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

Being & Becoming

Deborah Saunders








The Complete Guide to Family Purity

Rabbi Reuven Epstein




Loshon Hara Parasha Book (Name TBA) Rabbi Menachem Salaznik
Hilchos Loshon Hara Book (Name TBA) Rabbi Dovid Jaffee
My Wife, My Queen Rabbi Dovid Kaplan
Book of Tefilla  (Name TBA) Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt
The Ultimate Shidduch Guide Menucha Bialik
Kavana Rabbi Daniel Garfinkel
Pesach: Back in Time with Billy & Benny Y Kormornick
Chizzuk In Shidduchim Rabbi S. Price
Purim  Rabbi Avi Lieberman
The Book for Your Wedding Day Rabbi M Kormornick
A New Approach to the Yomim Noraim - Based on the teachings of Rav Yitzchak Berkovits shlit"a Rabbis Zvi Gefen & Moshe Kormornick 
Being & Becoming  Deborah Saunders
G.P.S: Gemora Pointer Signs Rabbi D Manson
Short Vort Haggaddah Rabbi M Kormornick
Short Vort 2 Rabbi M Kormornick
Why is the Beis Hamikdash not here (children's book) Rabbi Y Naiman



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